Tool Steel


D-2 Tool Steel Data Sheet

D-2 is a high carbon, high chromium heat treatable tool steel intended for applications requiring high wear resistance.

Chemical Composition

Carbon 1.55%
Manganese 0.35%
Chromium 11.5%
Molybdenum 0.90%
Vanadium 0.80%
Silicon 0.45%

Typical Applications

Blanking Dies Thread Roll Dies
Forming Dies Trim Dies
Punches Shear Blades
Guages Wear Inserts
Powder Compaction Punches

Cold Work Tool Steel Comparison Chart

Thermal Treatments

Preheat : 1100/1250F (595/675C), equalize, 1350/1450F (775/790C), equalize.

Austenize : 1825/1875F (995/895C), 30/45 minutes at temperature.

Quench : Air, positive pressure vacuum. Cool to 150F (65C).

Temper : 400/1000F (205/540C), hold 2 hours at temperature, air cool. Temper twice.

Cryogenic Treating : Refrigeration treatments may improve long term dimensional stability by transforming retained austenite. Refrigeration treatments should generally be performed after the first temper, and must be followed by a temper.

Hardness and Impact Toughness Data
Air cooled from 1850F(970C)


Deg. F Deg. C
As quenched
300 150
400 205
500 260
600 315
700 379
800 425
900 480
1000 540


Hardness Charpy C-Notch
HRC Ft. Lbs. Joules
62 17 23
61 21 29
60 23 31
59 22 30
58 22 30
58 21 29
58 21 29
58 19 26

Surface Treatments

D-2 can be given standard surface treatments such as nitriding, titanium nitride coating, or hard chrome plating if desired.Prior to nitriding or PVD treatment, double temper at or above the process temperature.


A. Heat to 1600F (870C), hold 2 hours, slow cool 50F (30C)/hour maximum) to 1200F (650C), air cool.
B. Heat to 1600F (870C), hold 2 hours, cool to 1400F (760C), hold 6 hours, air cool.
Typical annealed hardness: 221/225 BHN.

Stress Relieving

Annealed Material: Heat to 1200/1250F(650/675C), hold two hours, cool in still air.
Hardened Material: Heat to 25F(15C) below original tempering temperature, hold two hours, cool in still air.


Use air hardening tool steel filler material.
Annealed Material:Preheat 700/900F(370/485C), maintain over 700F(370C) during welding. Reanneal or temper 1425F(775C) 6 hours after welding.

Hardened Material: Preheat to 25F(15C) below original tempering temperature (350F(150C) minimum). Maintain above 350F(150C) during welding. Cool to 150F(65C) after welding. Temper 25F(15C) below original tempering temperature. Minimum 350F(170C)

Physical Properties

Modulus of Elasticity

30psix10(6) (207 GPa)
Density 0.278 lb/in3 (7695 kg/M3)
Thermal Conductivity 15 BTU/hr./ft./F 26 W/m/ °K)