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Heat Treating Corner: Website Help


Our home on the World Wide Web is now open. We invite you to visit our website at www.easterntoolsteel.com for up to date information about Eastern Tool Steel Service.

We opened this site as a reference tool for our customers. This newsletter can be found online through our website and it will be updated on a regular basis.

Our company page will give you a brief history of Eastern Tool Steel, our mission and general information about our company.

Our products page lists the grades of steel that we carry, including alloy, tool, high speed and PM steels plus non-ferrous and synthetic materials. Datasheets for a particular grade can be accessed by clicking on the grade name. The datasheet will provide information about typical applications and heat treating.


Our services page lists services that we perform such as heat treating and sandblasting.

This newsletter has itsí own page and will be updated as this newletter is released. If you would rather view this newsletter online instead of receiving a paper copy, please call us at (814) 834-7224.

Our technical page gives detailed information about the processes involved in heat treating. Charts are also included such as PM comparison, color code and grinding wheel selection. This section should prove to be very useful to everyone from the heat treater to the tool engineer.

Check out easterntoolsteel.com and let us know what you like or what you would like to see. We plan to add to this site and expand it as we expand.





Above is a picture of some typical tools made from PM steel distributed by Eastern Tool Steel Service, Inc.

Z-Wear PM: 

This is a grade produced for high toughness applications.

Z-Wear PM is powder metallurgy tool steel intended to provide high value and exceptional versatility. It offers wear resistance superior to standard A2 and D2 grades along with high toughness and resistance to chipping.

This unique combination of properties allows consistent and reliable tool performance in a broad range of cold work applications. Z-Wear is designed to be "user friendly" and exhibits excellent machinability, heat treat response (up to HRc 64), and grindability. It maintains a high degree of dimensional stability and can serve as an ideal substrate for a variety of common tool coatings and surface treatments.

Z-Wear PM is available at Eastern Tool Steel Service in a wide range of sizes in both rounds and flats.

Eastern Tool Steel at (814) 834-7224.

Eastern Tool Steel Grades

Below is a list of grades carried at Eastern Tool Steel Service, Inc. We have decided to offer this list as a guide to the grades that we carry on hand in our regular stock.

Tool Steels







Viscount 44

PM Steels

Z-Wear PM

A-11 LV PM

A-11 PM

PM M-4

PM T-15

Alloy Steels


4140 HT

4150 HT

4140 HT Shafting

Hollow Bar

Non-ferrous Materials

6061 Aluminum

110 Copper

360 Brass

932 Bearing Bronze

954 Aluminum Bronze

If you donít see a grade listed that you are interested in, please call Eastern Tool Steel, we may be able to order it.

Credit Cards

In addition to accepting Visa and Mastercard as payment for material purchases, we now accept American Express cards as well. For details, please contact Eastern Tool Steel Service.

Eastern Tool Steel Service, Inc.

1045 Delaum Rd.

St. Marys, PA 15857

Phone (814) 834-7224

Fax (814) 834-7225

email: steel@easterntoolsteel.com 



"For all of your material requirements."







Heat Treating Corner

Website Help

Our website offers a technical section that should be very useful to the heat treater. This section provides detailed information on heat treating many grades of steel including the heat treating times and temperatures, quench methods and tempering temperatures.

Specific information is online for each process. Topics such as preheating, austenizing, queching, tempering and cryogenic treating are covered. Many tips can be found in this section to help the heat treater better understand what happens to a tool when it undergoes these processes.

We also provide in this section, a comparison chart, color code chart and grinding wheel selection chart. This technical section is also available in our "Selector Guide".

Complete datasheets are also available under our products section. By clicking on the specific grade, you are able to view the typical applications and heat treating temperatures.

View Our website at www.easterntoolsteel.com  and e-mail your questions or comments to steel@easterntoolsteel.com


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